Do I absolutely need to take an appointment?
No, we accept customers without appointment depending on the time, but we suggest you contact us 2 days in advance to get the appointment that better suits your needs.
Is it possible to have an urgent blood test if I do not have an appointment?
Yes, if fasting is not required. Make sure to always contact us before you coming to us if needed.
Should I be fasting 8 hours or 12 hours for blood tests and urine?
It depends on your prescription and tests ordered by your doctor. Fasting means that you must not eat or drink eight hours or twelve hours preceding your blood test. How ever you can drink water anytime. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
Can I take my medications the day of my sample or test ?
You must take your medications as prescribed unless otherwise indicated by your doctor.
Is there a possibility to be reimbursed by my insurance?
Yes, if you have private or group insurance we issue an invoice so that you claim a refund.
What is the cost of the analysis?
The price varies according to the tests prescribed by your doctor. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the exact price.
How long will it take for my doctor to get my results?
Most results will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours maximum. Some tests take longer to perform and additional time may be required.
I have a blood test to do at home, what will I need?
Your sheet of the tests ordered by your doctor and the cost of these tests.
I have a urine test or a stool culture what if I have no container?
If you prefer to do your tests in advance at home, you can come pick up the containers at our office. For these tests fasting is never required.
You have more questions?
Contact us at 514 970-9070 or via our contact form